Impact of technology on children

In 2020 30% of children aged 5-7 years had social media accounts despite major networks setting the minimum age limits in their terms of service. There was a 17% increase in screen use among children aged between 3 to 8 years in 2020 and 2021, which is more than what had been reported four years’. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular among children, being used by around 77% of kids, twitter 49%, and 47% snap chat of the kids that hold social media accounts prior (Dore¹, Mathur & Boghani, 2020).

There is a lot of advancement in technology around the globe; technology has changed how activities used to be carried out, learning included. The use of technology has become more prominent as the days go by. Today’s children are referred to as digital natives since technology has become integral to their day-to-day lives. The rate at which children adopt technology is very high, and it has both positive and negative effects.

Young children’s minds are easily molded and learn very fast. Whatever they learn from the internet has an impact on their lives. What they know affects their decisions and also determines the type of person they will be once they grow up. There are positive and negative impacts of technology on children (Dore¹, Mathur & Boghani, 2020). This research aims at exploring the various implications that technology has on children with recommendations to parents and the community at large on how we can ensure that what the children absorb from the internet is of positive value and that it helps them to be decent and modest humans later in life.

West governor’s university website gives information relating to the impacts of technology on kids in the present and in future. The information they provide analyzes both positive and negative impacts of technology on kids, this information is from analysis done from several researches on the behavior change in kids as a result of exposure to technology. Through the website it is clear how the use of technology in the right way can benefit children and prepare them for a bright future ahead (impact of Technology on Kids Today and Tomorrow, 2022). Also the website shows how the same technology if not properly used can instill wrong behaviors in children and finally gives suggestion to teachers and families on how to use technology in the right way to ensure it benefits children.

Based on the research by western governor’s university conducted on October 3rd 2019 some of the impacts negative of technology on kids today and tomorrow are lower attention span, risk of depression, obesity, bullying, issues with social interactions while some of the positive impacts include; helping children learn, preparing for future tech careers, improved multitasking and improved problem solving and decision making (impact of Technology on Kids Today and Tomorrow, 2022). They also highlighted how adults can help children get the benefits of technology with fewer negative effects, some of their recommendations were, ensuring that children under two years don’t get access, ensure face to face interactions within the children n while they are using the internet, ensure that technology does not prevent them to play, set boundaries like time limits and cyber security software to ensure kids safety while using the internet.


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